With a powerful and unparalleled network in the sports world, and as global leaders in the endurance sport space, Mana works with both public and private clients to deliver media, activation, and brand solutions in sport and entertainment.

Our deep understanding about founding successful global leagues and licensing as a business empowers us to build effective licensing models for leagues and events groups. Scale and grow revenues without loss in control, dilution, or unintended pollution to a strong brand image.

We are skilled in creating established and replicable solid legal structure across multiple jurisdictions, managing the development and roll-out of aligned license partners, and ensuring the protection of IP and brand image and the effective flow of information to a growing licensee base.

From ideation to creation to execution, leave it with us to create powerful and moving experiences, delivering primarily in the sports and entertainment space. We use our pedigree in running concerts, events, fashion shows and more across Europe to understand what our clients need and how to achieve it without compromise.

At MANA, building brands, campaigns, and experiences people connect and care about is our passion. 

We integrate authentic, emotion-driven narrative through our storytelling, deeply connecting with what the audience is interested in and will enjoy interacting with, creating strong brand identities.

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