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Sport as a celebration and
expression of the human spirit
transcends barriers, and athletes
who aspire to be the best of the
best unite people across cultures
and backgrounds.

There is real scope to change the way athletes are represented, and we’ve only just begun. It all starts with giving the athlete what they need to succeed — through forging partnerships and endorsements they can rely on.

Communication and relationship management are at the heart of what we do with mana at our core. Offering a full range of services from sponsorship through to content creation no stone is left unturned and no door left unopened. Our unique position with access to some of the key stakeholders within the sporting world puts us at the forefront of sports management.

More than just talent representation, we are the link between our world champions and the opportunities their success will bring, both for them and the partners they represent during their playing years and beyond.

Mana Talent and Teams
Mana Talent and Teams
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