MX Endurance concludes successful Phuket Training Camp

Mar 19, 2020 | MX Endurance, News

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MX Endurance wrapped up its first ever Super Camp in Phuket in March, with athletes from all over the world congregating in what is one of the most ideal training locations for triathlon.

Phuket is a hotspot for elite athletes, with a constantly rotating roster of professional athletes and national teams. The Norwegian Triathlon team including 70.3 world Champion Gustav Iden and 70.3 World Record Holder Kristian Blummenfelt had just left before the camp kicked off.

This camp was the first time MX had run a high-volume training camp, instead of a skills camp around a race. There was plenty of training on the agenda, with a big focus on the bike. With people coming in from different climates, the biggest challenge many would face was the Phuket heat and humidity.

The week certainly did deliver with the group covering nearly 800km (500 miles) cycling, 60km (37.5 miles) running and nearly 30km (18.75 miles) of swimming.

There were tempo rides, TT efforts, long coffee rides and some seriously steep hills. Despite our differing fitness and experience levels, everyone got it done with an effort to try and never leave anyone behind.

Like with the bike, there were varying run sessions: a track session with Z Coaching, runs off the bike and longer steady runs.

Making the most of Phuket, swims were held both in the pool and in the ocean with some longer-volume swims as well as technique-focused sessions in both the pool and water.

This camp also focused on equipping athletes with skills they could take home to continue to improve on. Coaches made an effort to spend as much time with each athlete as possible during the week to work on any weaknesses or problem areas.

Due to the success of this camp, MX Endurance has announced it will return to Phuket for another huge week of training in 2021.

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