Pho3nix Foundation

Rising Together with Mana Group

Pho3nix began as a simple concept: to assist and inspire new generations to enjoy sport and the many benefits it provides. The foundation focuses particularly on children who require extra assistance to enjoy an equal start.

From there, it has developed into a wide and ever-growing range of projects, and each day matures further into the global movement it is destined to become.

With many projects spanning the globe, Pho3nix Foundation’s activities help provide a clear pathway from a child’s first foray into the sport through to the ultimate honour of representing their nations as elite athletes.

The Problem

Despite Pho3nix Foundation’s major presence in Poland, particularly in delivering fitness and movement programmes to children through the early years of the pandemic, most of the world had not been introduced to what Pho3nix is or what it stands for.

To grow into a truly global movement that inspires the next generation of Pho3nixes to take up sport and pursue their dreams, the Pho3nix Foundation needed to generate awareness of and engagement in its aims and projects not only from the athletes it partnered with but also in new communities and audiences.

The Approach

Pho3nix engaged Mana Group to conduct an extensive audit of the Pho3nix brand and stakeholder views, through which its brand identity, vision, mission, purpose and values could be more clearly defined.

The Execution

Mana Group then formulated a brand development strategy that allowed clearer positioning, differentiation, and articulation of the Pho3nix brand. This was partnered with a comprehensive social and content strategy and the production of new moving content to help drive Pho3nix’s social presence to create and elevate awareness of the Pho3nix social movement and brand.

Our Success

From 2021 until 2023, follower numbers have risen by more than 70% across all Pho3nix channels for an aggregate increase of 78%.

The engagement has surpassed the industry benchmark of about 2-3%, from an average engagement rate of 7.51% by the end of 2021 to a whopping 9.6% by January 2023.




Pho3nix has continued to engage Mana Group in the design and implementation of further projects under its four-point framework:

Participation, Progression, Professional and Purpose.

The core, overarching purpose for every project undertaken is to ensure that more children are engaged with the Pho3nix social movement, with its vision and mission, than ever before.