Bahrain Victorious 13

The most successful endurance team on the planet

Unparalleled Endurance Racing

With an all-star stable of athletes including Olympic medalists, world champions, and future stars, the Bahrain Victorious 13 Team races for key triathlon titles and aims to promote a culture of health and wellness and endurance sporting excellence to a global audience through their performances on and off the race course.

With 24 world championships, five Olympic medals and countless wins under its belt, Bahrain Victorious 13 stands tall as the most successful team in the sport of triathlon.

A Pioneering Vision

The team sprang from the vision of His Highness Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and president of the Bahrain Olympic committee. His Highness Shaikh Nasser views endurance racing as a metaphor for life and aims to promote the attributes that successful endurance athletes possess – such as hard work, commitment, a structured life, and healthy living – as values he wants Bahrain and the region to aspire toward.

Developing a Culture of Sport

This team was designed to inspire and further develop a culture of sport for the people of the Kingdom through giving Bahrain youth access to the world’s best athletes. The 13 pursue excellence on the biggest stage but return to Bahrain each year to work with the youth, schools and sports clubs to ensure that culture of success was passed on to future Bahrain sports stars.

Endurance as a Way of Life

The long-term aim is for this team to be spearheaded by young Bahrainis, the beneficiaries of exposure to these world-class athletes. They will lead the Gulf region and their Kingdom into the future within the sport of triathlon, which Bahrain has made its own and in which it continues to be impactful year on year.

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