Brownlee Foundation

Following in the footsteps of greatness

Inspiring Children to Get Active

The Brownlee Foundation aims to inspire children to get active, encourage them to regularly take part in sport and physical activity, and provides opportunities to participate in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon. It also develops coaches to facilitate, and supports pathways for talented athletes in the sport of triathlon.

Pathways for Sport and Life

Brownlee Foundation triathlon events and weekly sport sessions enable children to try out the elements and sport of triathlon. They have a participation focus and promote an inclusive ‘take part, have a go, have fun’ ethos.

Broader Access to Sport

With 38 events across the UK, over 30,000 children who have participated, 500 schools attended, and 450 young leaders given volunteering opportunities, the Brownlee Foundation is surely building towards the goal to make the elements and sport of triathlon available to as many children as possible.

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