Brownlee Foundation

Following in the footsteps of greatness

Inspiring Children to Get Active

Mana proudly partners with the Brownlee Foundation to deliver the Pho3nix Kids Triathlon series throughout the UK —a powerful initiative dedicated to inspiring children to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Pathways for Sport and Life

The initiative also develops coaches who play a pivotal role in guiding young athletes, while supporting pathways for talented individuals in the field of triathlon. The Pho3nix Kids Triathlon series, operated by the Brownlee Foundation, embodies an inclusive ethos, inviting children to take part, have a go, and, above all, have fun.

A Nationwide Movement

With the Brownlee Foundation at the helm, the Pho3nix Kids Triathlon series spans 38 events nationwide, touching the lives of over 30,000 participants, involving 500 schools, and providing volunteering opportunities to 450 young leaders. Through our partnership, we aim to make the excitement of triathlon accessible to as many children as possible, fostering a love for sport and an active lifestyle.

Guiding the Future Together

While the Brownlee Foundation takes the lead in managing and operating the Kids Triathlon series, Mana Group plays a pivotal role in facilitating the collaboration between the Brownlee Foundation and Pho3nix Foundation. Together, we work to ensure that the series becomes an example of inclusivity, encouraging children to participate, explore, and find joy in participation of swimming, cycling, running and triathlon events.

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