Sub7 Sub8

Pushing the limits of human endurance

Defy the Impossible

The Sub7 and Sub8 Project powered by Zwift was a unique moment in the history of sporting endeavour, and a landmark in the progression of human physical achievement. Four of the world’s best endurance athletes, supported by teams of single discipline stars, pitted against each other and the clock, as they set about breaking the mythical seven- and eight-hour barriers for the brutal full distance triathlon in Germany on June 5th, 2022.

Mana Group delivered all facets to make this impossible fete happen, including all event production, broadcast production, partner management, talent management, marketing and media, social and website management.

Project Results

– 44 world class athletes
– 2 world record times set
– 80k Euros donated to the Pho3nix Foundation
– 500k viewers worldwide
– 9 hours of live streaming
– One feature length documentary shown on 40 networks.

Inspire Generations

The mission was to inspire people around the world by testing – and re-setting – the limits, showing that all goals are worth chasing. Pho3nix Sub7Sub8, powered by Zwift drew on the best technology, cutting edge science and team tactics, controlling all variables in an attempt that was set to inspire budding athletes across the globe, and light a fire for the next generation with it’s scope and audacity.

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