Super League Triathlon

Super League Triathlon is THE game-changer. This is not traditional swim, bike, and run. Pitting the world’s best triathletes across unique short course formats for big prize money in a closed league series, Super League Triathlon provides pulse-pounding action, superstars to root for, and a spectator experience without parallel. Super League Triathlon is here to usher the sport into the big leagues of sport entertainment, catapulting triathlon into the hearts, minds, and living rooms of triathlon and sports fans worldwide.


By offering incredible TV and digital content output with live race day television broadcasts, live race day digital streaming and Video on Demand content, Super League Triathlon showcases Championship athletes and the sport of triathlon like never before.

Open Project
about-photo-slt background-mana Super-League-Triathlon-Mana Super League Triathlon Malta 2019


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