The world’s fastest triathlon series.

The Game Changer

This is not your traditional swim, bike, and run. First introduced as ‘Super League Triathlon’ in 2017, supertri pits 40 of the world’s best triathletes against each other on unique short course formats with big prize money on the line.

supertri is a made-for-TV evolution of triathlon, providing pulse-pounding action, deep athlete narrative and a spectator experience without peer. With over 20 million fans watching in 2022, supertri has finally ushered triathlon into the big leagues of sport entertainment.

Triathlon like you’ve never seen before

supertri has changed the game for multisport. With genre-leading live broadcast and streaming output across multiple global rounds in a tight 8-week season, supertri capitalises on a year-round base of digital storytelling that makes stars of the best short course athletes in the world. With courses and formats designed for maximum action, the spectator and viewer experience at a supertri race is unparalleled.

The supertri season is a closed, invitation only ‘roadshow’, with athletes, staff and crew all travelling together. In line with MANA’s ‘athletes-first’ philosophy, this means the athletes are treated like they deserve to be, and the narratives and rivalries run deeper than ever before.

The World’s Best Racing Each Other

supertri is the new name for the championship series: the innovative and entertaining professional closed-league formats that changed the sport, delivering high-octane racing featuring the world’s best athletes competing in teams on stadium-like courses.

supertri E replaces the Arena Games, one of sport’s most innovative and award winning formats blending real life and virtual racing and featured at the IOC’s Olympic Esports Week. Its globally broadcast professional supertri E World Triathlon Championship event, in partnership with World Triathlon, crowns official World Champions.

Mass Participation at Any Age

supertri’s mass participation events have at their heart supertri’s belief that participation celebrates triathlon for all, whether first-timer, relay participant or experienced age grouper. These events will be driven by the same guiding principles of delivering excellence and creating moments at beloved individual event brands but under a common visual identity.

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