Weet-Bix Active Bands

Encouraging activity through technology

Creating an icon

360 Sport and Entertainment, part of the Mana Group, was invited into a competitive tender for Weet-Bix’s sponsorship account with a view of identifying a new tent-pole junior sport asset to replace the iconic Weet-Bix Kids TryAthlon event program.

A New Approach to Active Play

With a focus on increasing its audience among 5-12 year olds, with a Covid-proof technology focus allowing greater monitoring and measurement, 360 Sport and Entertainment part of the Mana group paired Weet-Bix with Athletics Australia’s emerging technology platform, Active Bands. Through 12 months of negotiation and development, Weet-Bix Active Bands was launched in February 2022.

Wearable Technology for Kids

Designed for children aged 5 to 12 years, Weet-Bix Active Bands combines a super-cool wrist band with an interactive app that offers heaps of activities and challenges to make exercise fun. Best of all, the program is FREE! Using a combination of smart and engaging digital technology, Weet-Bix Active Bands allows parents, teachers, and coaches to create, record and track physical activity easily and flexibly.

Positive Change

Currently just 1 in 5 Australian children aged 5 to 17 currently meet the recommended guidelines of 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity every day. We hope this innovative platform will help create positive behaviour change, leading to healthier and happier Aussie kids. Since launch more than 15,000 Aussie kids have registered for Weet-Bix Active Bands and have completed more than 50,000 hours of physical activity.

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