What we do

What we do

We are the authority
in the sports and
entertainment space.

We take pride in working with our clients and partners to explore possibilities and opportunities to produce potent outcomes and experiences in sports, events, and media globally.

Our boutique yet full-service approach allows our company and our clients to grow together from strength to strength.

Athletes & Teams representation and management.

Always one step ahead of the game

As a full-service agency, MANA is committed to always being one step ahead of the game. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to representing and marketing the athletes we represent.

Career relevance

What is effective and works today does not predict the same set of circumstances for tomorrow. Our focused approach, dedication to each client and emphasis on results helps our clients succeed during their playing careers and beyond.

Access to opportunity

To be effective in the space of complete talent representation, activations and alignments need to be supported by a global network of partners. Our alignment with Kulczyk Holding and Hawkesburn Financial gives our clients access to more than 1 billion dollars of managed funds and investment opportunities only available to platinum investors.

Project and event management

Brand solutions in sport and entertainment

With a powerful and unparalleled network in the sports world, and as global leaders in the endurance sport space, MANA works with both public and private clients to deliver media, activation, and brand solutions in sport and entertainment.

Optimised value

We optimise our client’s investment across all pillars including participation, marketing, media value, and ROI.

Uncompromising excellence

From ideation to creation to execution, leave it with us to create powerful and moving experiences, delivering primarily in the sports and entertainment space. We use our pedigree in running concerts, events, fashion shows and more across Europe to understand what our clients need and how to achieve it without compromise.


Authentic fit,
maximum impact

We work to bring together events, athletes and sponsorships that are an authentic fit and can enhance reputation and relevance and bring maximum impact.

We help find sponsors for leagues and athletes, align sponsors with the right athletes, events and pieces, and work hand-in-hand through campaign development and monitoring to assist them in effective activation and integration.


Under Armour


African Parks




Fox Sports

Media house

Fully integrated

We engage in impactful visual storytelling by building campaigns integrating photography, videography, and graphic design with complete storyboarding, mood boarding, and editing.

Powerfully effective

Effective campaigns creation is the sum of aligned integration of content development, implementation and a creative team that is at the pulse of modern engagement and the markets they exist in.


MANA net worth is its network. We understand the multiple platforms for maximum engagement using full social media plans and activations, website development, and community management.

Licensing creation, management and legal

Effective and scalable

Our deep understanding about licensing as a business and the foundation and success of global leagues empowers us to build effective licensing models for leagues and events groups to scale and grow revenues without loss in control, dilution, or unintended pollution to a strong brand image.

Protecting brand image

We are skilled in creating established and replicable solid legal structure across multiple jurisdictions, managing the development and roll-out of aligned license partners, and ensuring the protection of IP and brand image and the effective flow of information to a growing licensee base.

Proven time and again

This has become a primary department for MANA Group, having effectively built licensing models for Pho3nix Foundation, MX Endurance, Bahrain Endurance, UWC Schools Group, Super League Triathlon, and Competitor Group.


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