Humango Appoints Mana Global to Lead Digital Content Strategy for AI-Powered Athletic Training Platform

Jun 13, 2024 | News

Mana Global is proud to announce a new addition to its clientele with AI-powered athletic training platform Humango.

Humango will harness Mana’s extensive expertise in the sports landscape, as proven through its successful collaborations with leading brands in the field. This appointment will leverage Mana’s established partnerships and athlete talent pool, as well as Mana’s comprehensive suite of services spanning marketing strategy, graphic design, content creation and social media strategy all seamlessly integrated under one roof.

A leader in the new wave of technology available to assist athletes of all levels in pursuit of their goals, Humango utilises the power of artificial intelligence to develop a roadmap for endurance athletes looking to improve, effectively democratising the one-on-one coaching experience that for so long has been the domain of elite athletes. 

“Having an app that tracks your training, life constraints and constantly adapts your training plan based on your feedback in real time is a game changer,” says Trent Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Mana Global. “It’s like taking a team of coaches and making them available to anyone, at any level, 24 hours a day.”

The partnership between Mana and Humango aims to spotlight how everyday individuals can leverage Humango’s AI technology to train for endurance sports, balance and happiness, and compete to push their own limits and achieve their own impossible goals.

“Mana understands the problem that Humango solves.  Training plans need to constantly measure and evolve and most of all, work around athlete’s lives, not the other way around, said Franko Vatterott, Head of Partnerships for Humango.  Our primary message is one that revolves around the idea that our customers can get a hyper-personalized training plan but also one that has a lot of flexibility. That’s the power of AI.  And the Mana Group really gets it.

Taylor adds, “This partnership fits perfectly with what Mana is about. It’s a groundbreaking platform that disrupts the industry, and we look forward to bringing it to more people, no matter where they are on their fitness journey.”

With the AI informed by some of the world’s great coaches, Humango delivers an individualised training plan that continuously adjusts and adapts so the athlete can achieve their fitness goals amid real-life challenges. Humango is part of the Human Powered Health family of companies which also includes Wahoo Fitness and other health and wellness brands.

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