Ironman champion Joe Skipper signs with Argon 18

Jan 27, 2022 | Athlete Representation, MANA Updates, Pho3nix

MANA Sports & Entertainment Group are proud to announce MANA athlete Joe Skipper has signed on to ride Argon18 bicycles. The British Ironman champion will be riding the E-119 Tri+ Disc with two Ironman World Championship races on completely different courses in his sights for 2022.

He says: “I’m really excited to work with Argon18 as their core values are to make the fastest and best bikes they possibly can. We’ve already done aero testing on the E-119 to make ma as fast and efficient as possible… I’ve managed to get my aerodynamic drag down to a record low, and the bike is also surprisingly light so it climbs and handles really well. The world championships in St. George is my big target for the first part of the year and then Ironman Hawaii in October. This is the bike to get me the results I want.”

In more sponsorship news, Maya Kingma has partnered with premium nutrition brand Maurten. The Dutch triathlon star will benefit from having Maurten’s full product support and nutritional advice in her arsenal as she races the World Triathlon Championship Series and Super League Triathlon Championship Series.

“To keep doing all those hours of swimming, biking and running, week in week out, I need to make things easy for myself. Maurten really helps with that. It’s effortless to get enough fuel in with their drinks and gels,” says Kingma.

MANA has also signed five athletes from the Pho3nix Athlete Program to its management roster. The Athlete Program by the Pho3nix Foundation is set to support athletes in their final preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games in February 2022, and MANA is proud to be involved in providing professional support to the following: Polish Alpine snowboarders Michal Nowaczyk and Aleksandra Krol, American halfpipe snowboarder Zoe Kalapos, Canadian freestyle skier Etienne Geoffroy-Gagnon, and Italian ski jumper Alex Insam.

MANA SEG works with the very best in the world of endurance sport. For a detailed discussion about working or partnering with any of our athletes, please contact: |

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