Mana Global named in Top 10 Most Promising Sports Consulting Companies from Asia

Mar 10, 2023 | MANA Updates

Asia Business Outlook Magazine has featured Mana Sports and Entertainment Group as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Promising Sports Consulting Companies from Asia 2023’ in its upcoming annual special edition.

Mana Global’s corporate profile and interview with its executive chairman and strategic lead Chris McCormack appears alongside articles from managing directors, medical officers, sports event managers, program and training coordinators, and other senior professionals across the Sports & Fitness Industry. They share their experience on industry aspects, problems, and new policy impact on business.

Sports consulting is a growing market in Asia, where a younger demographic is developing a sports-centric lifestyle. Asia’s demographic is younger than that of many Western nations, and the younger generation is hungry for new sports as a result of global media exposure. As a result, the Asian sports consulting market has expanded rapidly over the last decade. Taking note of this, Mana Group, a sports advertising agency with deep expertise in rights management and operational event delivery, has established itself as a market leader.


Mana Group has extensive production and rights management knowledge and takes a distinctive approach to developing rights packages and content that broadcast networks and OTT platforms will buy, adding value for leagues and clients.


“I don’t think there is anyone like us: the best of breed positioned in this part of the world because we call it home and see an opportunity here. And it’s centrally located; we can meet the needs of our international clients and still build out where we see the future of the sport is going within this continent”.


Mana Group provides a comprehensive range of logistics services or recruits local talent that clients want to work with. In order to ensure business growth for its clients, the company places a strong emphasis on developing an ecosystem around the events it supports.


Despite the difficulties the pandemic has brought about, Mana Group has maintained its clientele and is well-positioned for further expansion and success in Asia’s sports consulting market. The success of Mana Group in the Asian sports consulting market is a result of its knowledge, adaptability, and client-centered philosophy. The company wishes to scale further with the same approach.

Read the complete profile on Asia Business Outlook Magazine.

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