Maya Kingma signs with MANA SEG

Mar 25, 2021 | Athlete Representation

Rising short course star Maya Kingma has taken the next step in her career by signing with MANA Sports Entertainment Group. Originating from The Netherlands, Maya is about to embark on a busy year with appearances at the Super League Arena Games in Rotterdam, the WTS series, the Olympics in Tokyo, and the Super League Championship Series.

Maya has put her faith in MANA SEG to help her go up through the gears as she looks to build not only a stream of results but also partnerships and endorsements she can believe in and rely on.

Maya commented, “Becoming a world class triathlete is a beautiful journey and I have learned that the better you get, the more it entails. I’m grateful to have MANA SEG by my side to help me with everything apart from swim-bike-run. I’m confident they will give me the tools to level up and take bigger and bigger steps in this incredible sport.”

Maya centres her approach to racing and triathlon around her desire to find her own way through the sport based on her principles and beliefs. A core desire is to leave the world and the sport in a better place than she found it and to provide a guiding light for the younger generation coming up behind.

2021 is looking to be a giant year in endurance sports with the Olympics at its centre – the opportunity to partner with one of the world’s fastest-developing athletes and most engaging characters is to be taken seriously.

For a detailed discussion around working or partnering with Maya, please contact: 

Maya Kingma

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