Pho3nix Foundation launches website, Youtube channel

Aug 7, 2020 | MANA Updates, Pho3nix

The Pho3nix Project is a non-profit organization created to promote physical activity as a way to improve health and  well-being amongst children, especially those in disadvantaged situations. Founded in 2019, the Pho3nix Project aims to help provide the next generation with the programs they need to start their own journey. Health, fitness and movement play a crucial role in personal growth, and can help a child develop the physical and mental tools to live their best life. Their mission is to make those tools available for all. This is expressed in two parts – to create global initiatives which inspire, and deliver local and regional programs that directly assist youth endeavour.

The path of the Pho3nix is the path that every athlete must follow to achieve their personal peak. A Pho3nix rises from the ashes, triumphing through relentless renewal, resilience and passion. It is the ultimate symbol of hope and strength. Just like the Phoenix — a mythical bird, a symbol of eternal rebirth — its strength lies in overcoming adversity in order to emerge again, more powerful, focused and brilliant.

The Pho3nix Team is a squad of athletes who have not only reached the peak of their chosen sport, but have done so by expressing qualities that make them role models for the next generation. The current Pho3nix Team for triathlon is composed of: dual Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee; ITU world champions and Super League Triathlon champions Vincent Luis and Katie Zaferes; top national athletes Jake Birtwhistle of Australia and Georgia Taylor-Brown of Great Britain; and Olympian and multiple Ironman 70.3 champion Radka Kahlefeldt. Alongside a local Pho3nix squad in Poland, the Pho3nix Team aim to harness the power of sporting achievement, inspiring and uplifting the next generation by providing a symbol of hope and strength and the tools to take on tomorrow.

At the Pho3nix Project, they are always looking for the next Pho3nix generation. Whether you are aiming to be an Olympian, World Champion or just the best you can be, the Pho3nix Project wants to support you.

Find out more about the Pho3nix Project and the Pho3nix Team by visiting their newly-launched website and Youtube channel.

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