Mana delivers unique concept event for kids

Mar 7, 2024 | News, Pho3nix

With The Fastest Powered by Pho3nix, Mana Global delivered a first-of-its-kind concept event for kids aged 8 to 14. 

Held alongside the Athletics Australia Chemist Warehouse Summer Series meets in Adelaide on February 10, Melbourne on February 15 and Canberra on March 2, The Fastest was a groundbreaking initiative offering a unique platform for young speedsters to show off their talent in a prestigious setting.

Held over the distance of 80 metres – the average length of many courts, pitches, and fields of common sports played throughout the world – The Fastest breaks down barriers, ensures inclusivity for kids of all sports and aims to allow them to shine and discover their own super speed.

Entry to The Fastest events was completely free and open to children regardless of their sporting background, in line with Pho3nix’s mission to inspire every child to participate in sport. Every participant is a winner, each receiving a medal, photo on the podium, a branded t-shirt, and a trucker cap just for being a part of The Fastest.

With limited spots available, across the three events nearly 100 children aged 8 to 14 took part in the unparalleled opportunity to take centre stage, show off their speed and feel like a star. 

Each runner started at intervals so that every participant was introduced, ran the Pho3nix Fastest track solo with timed results and crossed the finish line to be presented a Pho3nix Fastest medal and have their photo taken atop the Pho3nix Fastest podium.

Mana Global operated this celebration of speed, youthful energy, and inclusivity on behalf of sport nonprofit Pho3nix Foundation in collaboration with Athletics Australia.

The Adelaide and Melbourne stops were hosted by dual Commonwealth Games gold medalist and Olympic silver medalist John Steffensen, with sports broadcast commentator Will McCloy taking on venue announcing duties.

Parents and participants raved about how much they enjoyed the event format. Their entry to The Fastest also allowed them to stay on to watch the Athletics Australia meets, giving them the opportunity to see and be inspired by some of the superstars of Australian athletics.

Said Evie Whittaker, mother of 11-year-old Angelique, “I just wanted to share how well it was run – how lovely everyone was to my very anxious daughter and how much fun we all had as a family not only watching her – but being involved in the whole event. Huge credit to all who organised the event and were present on the day. Thank you very much.”

Mana Global will review the The Fastest pilot program, with a view to making this a permanent addition to the Pho3nix Foundation’s expanding portfolio of activation programs for children.

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