What Jonny Brownlee was doing in a Derby school

Sep 29, 2017 | Brownlee Foundation

Triathlon star Jonny Brownlee has officially opened a classroom that children at a Derby school have named after him during a visit by him and his brother Alistair to the city.

Wyndham Primary Academy in Alvaston have decided to name their classrooms this year after inspirational sports stars and two of the reception classes have been dedicated to the Olympian brothers.

Jonny Brownlee told the pupils about his training routine, what he ate for breakfast and that he enjoyed watching sports on the television.

“The children were great and very welcoming and I was particularly pleased to have a frame of pictures that they have all drawn of me – which is far better than I could have done.

“I set them the challenge to make sure that they worked hard and particularly that they did better than the Alistair class.”

Jonny also joined his brother Alistair and more than 1,300 local primary school children for the city’s first Brownlee Foundation mini-triathlon event at Allestree Woodlands School.

Children aged seven to 11 took part in a 20m swim in Woodlands’ pool followed by an 800m cycle and 300m run around the playing fields.

The event was facilitated by Derby-based HUUB Events on behalf of the Brownlee Foundation which has been set up by the Olympic medal winners to provide children across the UK with a positive sporting experience and to encourage regular participation in sport.

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