This man wants to break the world record in a parachute jump for a good cause

Dec 15, 2019 | Pho3nix

“I want to get people out of homelessness,” says Tomasz Kozłowski, who will parachute from a height of 45 km – thereby breaking the world record. As part of the Jump for The Planet campaign, the Pole wants to help people around the world who lost their homes as a result of disasters.

As Kozłowski emphasizes, the entire organization of this undertaking required great commitment to reach out to individuals who could help in this task. The help of one of the former presidents of Poland turned out to be crucial. 

“I have a ‘key’ that opens many doors in the world – it is Lech Wałęsa – the patron of this project,” says Kozłowski. Thanks to this, he joined the whole campaign, among others Secretary-General of the United Nations. 

Preparation, transmission, collection … 

The man will get to the place where the jump will take place using an expanding helium balloon. The jumper will receive a special space suit for this occasion. 

Kozłowski will be falling at the speed of 1.44 Mach. The whole action will be reported thanks to the camera placed on his outfit. 

The idea to raise funds was taken from Felix Baumgartner, who in 2012 jumped from a height of 39 km and broke the then world record. Then the parachutist sold the broadcasts to TV stations. Kozłowski, apart from the involvement of television stations in his project, wants all the means of payment to be used throughout the event – i.e. cards or payment platforms.

The Baumgarnter record in 2014 was broken by 57-year-old American Alan Eustace. He jumped from a height of 41 km.

Recycled houses 

Thanks to this 45 km jump, Kozłowski wants to build the homeless homes around the world. These are intended for people whose disasters took their place to live.

“I even have a company that will build such houses for me and send to anywhere in the world,” Kozłowski said. The parachutist wants the houses to be modular – that is, with the function of quickly dismantling the walls. As a result, such a building can be quickly converted into a school, outpatient clinic or orphanage. 

Houses intended for victims of disasters are to be in 80 percent. from recycling. For this purpose, old sea containers are to be used, whose scaffoldings will be filled by garbage that floats in the ocean. A group of scientists is already working on the idea. 

Not the first such action

This is not the first charity event organized by Tomasz Kozłowski. In the past, the man performed 48 parachute jumps in one day. As part of the “48” project, he collected 200,000 zlotys for those in need. The 24th jump was special for him – he dedicated it to 4-year-old Marta, who died before the end of the action.

In 2018, Kozłowski made 100 parachute jumps in one day as part of a charity campaign and collected PLN 550,000, which were allocated to purchase 100 specialized wheelchairs. 

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